Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fifty Shades Won't Be Significant for Dakota Johnson

Does father really know best? According to Don Johnson, Dakota's father who was successful him self in the 80's with Miami Vice, simply thinks Fifty Shades will be a, "blip on his daughter's career."

The 65 year old in a recent interview went on to say that he is "proud of his daughter's acting talents and despite her having the lead role in the much-hyped adaptation of E. L. James' raunchy novel, he doesn't think it will be seen as particularly important in the long term." Stating that she will be a significant actress for many years to come.
Don Johnson himself has not read the book that the movie is adapted from and has no intentions to, but said he will see the film and support his daughter now and in all the significant roles she will have in the future.

Source: female first

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