Monday, June 30, 2014

Music Monday – Guilty Pleasures

I had some help with this one because there is no way I could reveal all of my guilty pleasures. That being said, I hate half the songs on this blog. Okay… more than half. Maybe I only like one.

Thanks to all of my friends that helped me out this week.

from @joderss
One Direction  “What Makes You Beautiful”

It’s just wrong for an adult to even admit they like One Direction. Oddly enough, she’s not the only one on this list who mentioned them.

from @MirandaMajor
Hanson  “MMMBop”

F*cking Miranda.

from @mizzdee_FF
Barry Manilow  “Even Now”

Oh Lord. She’s lucky I didn't put the Beatles on her just to torture her.

from @agoodwitchFF
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch  “Wildside”

I guess for some, he’s a guilty pleasure. I know I’d like to give him some pleasure.

from @lil_HBWT
Justin Beiber  “Baby”

Calling Canada. TAKE HIM BACK!

from @SpaRKling143 
Britney Spears  “Oops!... I Did It Again”

At least she has underwear on in this video…

from @mexi_spice
Snow  “Informer”

And we thought Vanilla Ice was bad.

from @ilovevodka760 
Spice Girls  “Wannabe”

I think they were missing a few spices. Where was the chipotle, the cayenne, and the paprika? They’re missing cinnamon. I mean, they had a ginger.

from @jmendelkow  
Charles & Eddie  “Would I Lie to You?”

It’s so bad, it’s good.

from @BonBee23 
Neil Diamond  “Sweet Caroline”

I never seen a diamond in the flesh…

from @Tracy_N25
Backstreet Boys  “I Want It That Way”

N*sync is better.

from @Krazyk85_ 
Miley Cyrus  “See You Again”

I used to think my friend was super cool until she told me she liked this song. #coolpointsdeleted

from @kmah88  
Wham!  “Freedom”

Wham bam! Thank you, sir?

from @joshdamigo  
Taylor Swift  “Love Story”

So much wrong with this. But thanks, Josh… thanks…

To finish up, these may or not be my own guilty pleasures.
Mandy Moore  “Candy”

I can’t help it if it’s a catchy song. The very first line is “I’m so addicted to the lovin’ you’re giving me.” How can that be wrong?

Hilary Duff  “Come Clean”

The one and only Disney girl who didn’t go bad. Except for maybe her teeth.

Lou Bega  “Mambo No. 5”

The only problem with this song is he doesn’t say my name.

Mariah Carey  “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

I don’t care if it’s the middle of Summer, if it’s the height of Spring, or windy Fall, I still love this song. I will sing it any time loudly and proudly.

I think I covered all the guilty pleasures, but if I missed some, let me know in the comments.


  1. I am laughing my ass off right now. Too funny, too funny. Really, One Direction is awesome, you know it's true.

  2. Omg I love this post so much. Great song pic and BSB beat out N sync for me but not by much but NKOTB will always be my #1 Boy Band....hometown boys. Now I have Candy in my that song "I'm missing you like candy"