Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Oh, how I love me some 80's pop. And here it is at is best… or worst. I still know the words. Hahahahaha.

Dino  "I Like It" 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Eric Northmam..Is Sex On a Throne

Welcome back Eric....What a great episode last night. And Ginger said it best, "Eric sex on a throne. " I'm not gonna disagree with that. He may be sick, but he still has that look that will make ya all warm and fuzzy inside. Speaking of, he kinda got that look when he saw Sookie. And there's no denying, Sookie was feeling it too. It was such a beautifully tender moment between them. The sort of moment that makes you reminisce about when they were briefly together. I know Bill was her first love, but there is no disputing their unspoken chemistry. It was the first time all season that we've seen some genuine emotion from Sookie.
In other True Blood news, it was awesome to see some of the old beloved characters back, like Terry and Hoyt. It was such an emotional episode, from Jessica starving herself, Arlene close to deaths door and making those gut wrenching calls to Hoyt and Alcide's dad. On a positive note,  no deaths unless you want to count the Hep-V vamps. They suck though, so it really didn't matter.
Let's just hope someone will come up with a cure to save Eric.

Music Monday – 80’s Duets

Since VH1 already did I <3 the 80's, I am doing I <3 80's Duets. There were so many to choose from but here are some of my 80's duets favorites.
Put on your blue eyeshadow, spray that AquaNet in your hair – don’t forget your leg warmers – and enjoy this collection of greatness.

Lionel Richie & Diana Ross  “Endless Love"

Phil Collins & Philip Bailey  “Easy Lover”

Michael McDonald & Patti LaBelle  “On My Own”

Sir Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson  “Say Say Say”

George Michael & Aretha Franklin  “Knew You Were Waiting (for Me)”

Mike Reno & Ann Wilson  “Almost Paradise”

Bill Meldey & Jennifer Warnes  “(I've Had) The Time of My Life”

Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes  “Up Where We Belong”

Peter Cetera & Amy Grant  “The Next Time I in Fall”

James Ingram & Patti Austin  “Baby, Come to Me”

Kenny Roger & Dolly Parton  “Islands in the Stream”

Stevie Wonder & Sir Paul McCartney  “Ebony & Ivory”

Paula Abdul & MC Skat Cat  “Opposites Attract”

Did I miss any? Don't cha just love the 80's? Let me know below.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Raine reigns!!! "Meant for Her" release blog!

Raine Thomas outdid herself again. "Meant for Her" Is friggin incredible. It can be read as a stand alone novel or as a wonderful follow on from "For Everly". 

There is enough little references to "For Everly" in this book to be a wonderful spoil. However the new story, with awesome new characters that you can not help but fall head over heels in love with, is a treat that I CANNOT RAVE ABOUT ENOUGH! 

You cannot help but root for the relationship to work even if it seems impossible. I laughed and cried, and laughed again. Sierra and Evan are such deep characters that you find yourself wanting to be their friends. In your mind you know they are incredible creations in Raine's head but your heart tells you to keep believing. That is, only when you give up the dream of being Sierra. I mean read this book and tell me you are NOT in lust with Evan and I will call you a lair to your face.

But then again there isn't a book written by Raine that I would NOT recommend highly. I call her my pusher! Her books are purely addictive. Do yourself a favour and get hooked yourself.                            

Find Raine Thomas here:

                                                       Barnes and Noble



Here is the link for the booktrailer as if you need more convincing: Video

Hookah Please

" Ring, ring hookah! Ring, Ring!" So who is gonna miss the hell out of True Blood's Lafayette? If you've read the books than you know Lafayette gets killed off early on in the second book, but because of the popularity of his character they decided to keep him on the series. Good call on that one! I can't imagine True Blood without him.

I LOVE Lafayette, hands down he's one of my favorite characters ever! He delivers the best lines, I'm always eagerly anticipating what he's going to say.  He's tough and yet has the longest lashes and most makeup of anyone on the show, and he can rock a pair of gold pants like no other. Lafayette is just one of those characters you will always remember...I am probably going to miss him the most, as the series is coming to an end. 

I've posted a few of his best moments...enjoy Hookahs!!!!!