Monday, June 16, 2014

Game of Thrones: As the Death Toll Rises

After the much anticipated season finale of Game of Thrones, we are left with a trail of dead bodies. We've lost quite a few important characters consistently since the beginning of the season. Last night's episode did not hold back, losing 4 more characters. Again, I'm reminded to not get attached to any characters. I think throughout the season we've been shocked, overjoyed, and saddened; some taken too soon, and others a blessing they're gone.
So now we must endure 10 months of waiting to see what will happen to Arya, and her journey to Bravos, or will Littlefinger continue to be really creepy and what are his plans for Sansa? What will happen to Khaleesi and her dragons and will Drogon come back to the Mother of Dragons? What will become of the Nights Watch, now that Stannis' men have come to aid them in the battle with the Wildlings? And where is the ship headed with Tyrion inside, what will his fate be? So many questions....

So instead of pondering what will happen, because that's just agonizing, I'd like to remember those beloved (and not so beloved) characters we lost this season. So below is my top 10 deaths from Season 4! Enjoy!
10. Grenn - Grenn was a recurring character in all four seasons of GoT. He was a member of the Nights Watch, and trained along side Jon Snow. In the Battle at the wall, he died defending the gate, but not before killing the giant....Kudos to your bravery Grenn!

9. Jojen - Totally unexpected, was the death of Jojen Reed. In the search for the three eyed raven, Jojen meets his death as the group is attacked by wights (skeletons with axes and swords). Jojen, severely hurt and dying, urges his sister to leave him, and before running to safety she slits his throat. 

8. Ser Dontos - We first met Ser Dontos is the second season, as Sansa saves him from Joffrey's evil request to have him drink himself to death, literally. Instead he makes him the court fool. Then in season 4, Ser Dontos finds Sansa, and gives her a necklace strung with seven amethysts, which he tells her is a family heirloom worn by his mother and grandmother. Little did we know what was really in those stones. But Dontos was a fool to think that he would be safe, and so Littlefinger killed him, collateral damage and such.

7. Ygritte - The feisty red-head, in love with Jon Snow, ready to kill him for breaking her heart. I'm not sure she could have done it. Yes, she had put 3 arrows into Jon before, but none of them killed him, and she was fairly a good shot. I believe he truly loved her too, the way he held her as she died in his arms. "You know nothing Jon Snow."

6. Shae - Not much to say besides I'm happy she's dead. I'm even happier that it was Tyrion who did it. I never liked her, and she always seemed like she was up to no good. After her false testimony at Tryion's trial, I completely lost all respect (what little there was) for her.

5. Lysa Arryn - In love with Littlefinger, and jealous of her sister Catelyn, she was an unstable character. And in one quick moment, the game changed again, "What wife would do the things I've done for you? What wife would trust you the way I trusted you? When you gave me those drops and told me to pour them into Jon's wine. My husband's wine. And you told me to write a letter to Cat telling her it was the Lannisters..." Enough said...oh yea, and her beloved pushing her through the Moon Door to her death, was so gratifying. 

4.The Hound - I am so sad to see the Hound go, I truly loved his character. He was feared and brutal and raw, but we got to see a soft side of him with Arya, and he became endearing. I loved their chemistry together, and seeing their interaction with each other will definitely be missed. 

3. Tywin Lannister  - I didn't see that one coming, and on the toilet no less. What a way to go. And as with Shae, it had to come from Tyrion. Essential Tyrion has nothing to lose, he's lost everything, but he does have control over the fate of his father in that one moment. And he seized that moment.
So we're down to the last 2 characters, and I struggled with who to put as number 1. On one hand there's the most hated character, and on the other hand a character so beloved, and gone too soon. So here goes...

2. The Red Viper, Prince Oberyn - I have never fallen for a Game of Thrones character so quickly, that was mistake number one, don't get attached! With the start of the season he made his grand entrance, he made his intentions known, he was charismatic, and dangerous. Mistake number 2, don't get super attached. I thought for sure he would make it to next season...but no, within a second of hesitation it was over. I, like many just sat there, shocked...thinking I didn't see what I just saw...not possible! Oh my dear Prince Oberyn, you will be missed. 

1. King Joffrey  - The best, most deserving death EVER! He truly was one the most hated characters. He tormented and tortured, he was sadistic, and foul, and it is a far better place without that piss-ass! All Hail the Death of King Joffrey!!!!
So, in all we lost some great characters, and will not mourn some of the others. I think it'll be safer to dislike everyone going into season 5, that way its a little less gut-wrenching when the good ones go. 

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