Monday, June 30, 2014

Is It All a Dream...True Blood Style

So I bet the first few minutes of last night’s True Blood episode left you a little hot and bothered. We've seen it before, vivid sex dreams throughout the seasons. There was Jason with Warlow and Sam with Bill. To that point, last nights’ Jason & Eric dream tops the charts. I'm happy with any sex dream that involves Eric.
So our favorite Viking and our loveable dimwit share some erotic (I mean tender) moments under the dim lighting, music playing, in what appeared to be a Spanish villa, somewhere. Shirts off, six packs out, kissing...then Jason wakes up in a church of all places! Dream over and back to reality...but not before he hits his head, and sneaks a peak at his crotch.
The remainder of the episode was filled with despair as we see the havoc that the Hep-V vamps are causing everywhere. An entire town gone, with no help coming, it looks pretty bleak for the residents of Bon Temps. In their search to find some answers, Sookie stumbles upon a diary of a girl, the dead girl they found in the woods. The diary reads like a retelling of a story all too familiar for Sookie. Girl meets vampire, girls falls in love with vampire, and the world starts crumpling around her. Cue the flashback to season 1, when she talks Bill into taking her to Fangtasia. It was bittersweet to see them together back then, and I'm glad they included that in the episode.
Speaking of Fangtasia, that is where Arlene, Holly and Nicole, among others are being held captive. Arlene desperate to get them free recognizes one of the infected vamps as her child's former teacher and uses that to convince her to let them go. Mission accomplished - or so we think. One quick feed from Arlene before she frees them, but then she just dissolves into a puddle of black vamp goo. The big question here is why? Conclusion, the humans are still screwed!
So its starts out with an erotic sex dream, then a whole lot of depressing events, followed up by Eric...Eric with the tell-tale signs of Hep-V veins peeking out from his shirt. 

I felt a little emotionally drained after last night’s episode, what did you think?

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