Wednesday, June 18, 2014

'True Blood' heading for Broadway?

Tony Rivetti/HBO
Who isn't addicted to HBO's 'True Blood' Come one raise your hands? So no one. Raise your hands if you don't want to see the show to end? Ahhh that's better. Now for the hard one. Who wants to see 'True Blood' on Broadway? Just as I thought I see those looks. In fact I have the same look on my face right now.

It seems that Nathan Barr the show's composer has pitched the idea of 'True Blood the Musical' to creator Alan Ball and wanting to get back to the show's roots.

I mean yes I would love to have more Alcide, Eric and yes even Bill, and of course Sookie, but can you imagine the show on Broadway without the faces we have all come to love and see every Sunday night?

I am all for the show must go on, but I think maybe, just maybe this is an "all good things must come to an end" kind of ending.

We want to hear from you. Would you want to see True Blood the musical? Are we ready for that as we get ready to enter the seventh and final season?

Source: THR

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