Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who Deserves to Win William Shatner’s Epically Cool Contest?

The short answer would be: Me. 

And I will give reasons for that in a minute that hopefully strum a few heart strings and land me a place at Mr. Shatner’s Vegas gig this summer.

But if I don’t win, then you should! Because and Mr. Shatner are giving the winner a 3 night stay in Vegas and VIP tickets to Shatner’s World. Follow Mr. Shatner on Twitter @William Shatner and come up with something tricky because I’m going to be hard to beat.

If you have never seen William Shatner live, one word can’t describe him. He is funny, energetic, articulate and dynamic which is everything you expect from a man with legendary cool. From someone who listened to his audio recordings over and over and then had the opportunity to see him at a convention it is clear he knows how to kick live performances into the stratosphere.

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By far one of best things he’s done for followers on Twitter is he watches and tweets about all our shows: Castle, Once Upon a Time, and The Vampire Diaries to name a few. But the best part is he is asking the show runners, writers and stars the questions we all have – except Mr. Shatner gets ANSWERS! Seriously, if that isn’t a reason to follow the man on Twitter, well stop reading and I win the contest by default.
Getting passed the rules portion of the contest is easy, I qualify. I have lived in Las Vegas and went to high school there so it would be so sweet to visit this summer and brag about my win.
So here’s the thing, the real reason why I should win. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid and anyone can tell you that when I’m a fan, I’m all in – even through TJ Hooker.
My first image of Star Trek when I was kid was sneaking out of bed at night to see what all the adults were watching on TV only to run screaming back to bed when I saw my first alien. Scared me to death, had nightmares but I was back peering around the corner to watch it again, and again. As a performer, William Shatner inspired me to me explore new things and believe all things are possible. It made me want to write and so here I am writing, doing what I love and best of all winning.

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