Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fanfic Rec Wednesday – Chop and Change

Today, I am pleased to give you another rec by my bestie, PurpleBrina (@PurpleBrina17).
Again, if you’re not reading her Music Monday and/or Throwback Thursday posts here on the Fandemonium Network… why the hell not? They are awesome! Brina not only knows good fic, she REALY knows great music.

Title: Chop and Change

Why is it good?:  I might be a little biased when it comes to this fic writer but I do love this story. E&B are batshit crazy and I love every word of all the crazy shit they do. Think Bonnie and Clyde but with tattoos, piercings and knives. Lol. Though Krazyk is draggin’ ass to finish the sequel ‘cause she is busy working (booooooo), Chop and Change is up and complete. So go forth and read this one.
BTW, the lemon on the purple Lambo… nothing to do with me.  ......Okay, maybe a little bit.


Sidenote: Brina is Krazyk’s pre-reader for most of her fics, including Chop and Change and the WIP sequel, Chopping and Changing.

I have read this one, and am reading the sequel, and I agree. It’s crazy and awesome. Sort of like the author… ;) (Can’t wait to meet you in person, K!) 
Oh, and hot. Yes. Mmmmmm. Love me some chopward.


  1. so much love for me. thank you. 💜💜💜💜

  2. I heart you, PurpleBrina, and you're one of the best, most sweetest, and sincere people I know. You're an amazing friend to me, a savvy and truthful prereader, and never put up with my self-deprecating bullshit. You keep me going and make me see myself better. I want to do better. And this, my friend, is not a biased statement. Love you lots.

  3. I have read this one thanks to Kmah!! I absolutely LOVED it. It is a MUST read. I should of seen the Purple Lambo having something to do with you. But it was before I met you but can see it now. I can't what for the sequel is done!
    I'm excited to meet the genius behind this fic! See you in June Krazyk

  4. As I say every week, this is another one I haven't read. On the list it goes. Lol
    Thanks for the rec kmah.

  5. Special thanks to Kmah for this post!!! I can't wait to meet ya in June!!! I'll buy the first round! :)