Sunday, May 4, 2014

Once Upon A Time - Kansas

“Oh Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore!” I wasn’t really sure what to expect in tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time but I wasn’t prepared for this, that’s for sure. This was like a triple whammy and most of it occurred in the last thirty minutes.

If you haven’t seen the episode, here is your SPOILER warning.

We begin with Emma and Regina putting up a protection wall to save the baby as Henry shops for a seaside rental so they can settle down in Storybrooke. Cringing when Emma announced, again, she plans to go back to New York, I did not have high hopes especially when it seemed everyone just played into Zelena’s hands: Emma and Hook, Robin and his men, Regina, Glinda and the sisterhood, and Dorothy stacked up like dominos.

It wasn’t until the second half that things got interesting, Zelena had everything she needed for time travel so she could unravel the disaster of her life but then our heroes arrive. Regina finds her light magic and pushes back at her half-sister – which is very intriguing because when Regina plays hero it is really convenient for her.

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Regina also makes a move that surprised me, she picks up Rumple’s blade when he is about to enact his revenge for Neal and stops him. Rumple isn’t real happy about that but she has the blade. Regina gives the blade to Belle and that turns out to be a mistake.
The next time we see Zelena she is in prison where Regina gives her a choice to change her destiny. We know that the Wicked Witch has no intent in doing that but Regina gave it a shot.
Rumple and Belle are reunited and engaged after Belle trusts the Dark One enough to give him the blade. Rumple professes his love and gratitude and plays a sleight of hand trick on his beloved replacing the blade with a copy.
This, was devastating. Here is our other favorite anti-hero getting his happy ever after and he blows it into another realm when he sneaks into the jail cell where Zelena is and stabs her turning her into a statue that crumbles at Rumple’s feet. It appears to be a metaphor for Belle’s love and I don’t see them getting over this soon.
And of course, in true Once Upon A Time traditions, nothing is as it seems and Zelena’s green smoke appears and flies back to finish opening her portal in time. Now we have to wait until next week to see what has been unleashed.

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