Friday, May 2, 2014

Hottie of the Week!

So this week I came up with a theme . Since the weather here sucks and it hasn't stopped raining in who knows how long, I decided it would be a great idea to do a montage of wet men.  Some of these men might be previous hotties while some are new. But does that really matter? I think not! Enjoy the wetness ;)

David Beckham

Idris Elba

Robert Pattinson

Sam Worthington

Shemar Moore

Tyson Beckford

Viggo Mortensen

All above pics courtesy of

There are a lot more to ogle there too!!

Theo James



  1. oh damn M. thats some goodness. but I had a great Henry for this. oh well. let me scroll up and enjoy this again.

  2. Holy wetness!!! Hot damn you did good this week. And you even found a Theo gif *swoons*

  3. Wow!!!! This is the perfect way to start the morning. Hot men... allll wet. Nice.
    Thanks for the morning eye candy, M. Love it.

  4. It is a mighty nice post isn't it :)