Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fanfic Rec Wednesday – The Perfect Gift

Today’s rec is another one via my friend Kristin (@Kdub_s).

Title: The Perfect Gift

Why is it good?:  I'm a little bias when it comes to this writer. She is a dear friend of mine and a fellow fich00r. And she also picked a fantastic beta. The summary reads, "Christmas is a time for love, joy and happiness. But when love just isn't enough, is there anything that can make things right?"  There are parts where my heart was breaking for Bella and parts where I had happy tears in my eyes. I love the uncertainty of the story. Is Edward going to be able to fix it or is Paul going to wiggle his way back in her life and bed? It's a must read!


I feel as though it would be a conflict of interest for me to comment on this one. Lol.
Take Kristin’s word for it and check it out. It's a short story – just over 12,000 words divided into 21 chapters – that was written and completed this past Christmas.
Thanks for the rec, K-Dubs!


  1. Dee is a very talented writer! I love her to the moon and back. It was the best Christmas gift she could give us.

    Kmah just because you were the beta you could of still commented. ;-)

  2. Kmah is not the beta, she is a her friend that why she cant comment DUH hahahahha

    anywho this fic......well just read my reviews to see how I felt about it. love you all.

  3. Awww how much do I love you all. Thanks for this and I'm glad you liked this little story cuz it's was the only gift I could give for Christmas.

    Kmah, I know I asked a lot from you for this story, giving it to you with such short notice, but you did an amazing job. Best beta I could have asked for.

    Kdubs, thanks for the rec, darlin. I truly appreciate it. Big hugs.

    And B, I know you don't love Paul like I do, but I absolutely loved every single one of your reviews. You kept me laughing with each chapter. Love you babe.