Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Special Post from PurpleBrina's B-Side

One year ago today, Sam Bradley released an EP titled "Not Your Kind" and if you don’t have this already........what the hell are you waiting for? GET IT NOW!! (Sorry, I am pushy when it comes to Sam.)

Anyhow, to celebrate this one year anniversary, Sam has released a beautiful video for "Not Your Kind" which features his amazingly talented sister dancing.

 Enjoy and share with your friends – Sam Bradley's Official Video for "Not Your Kind"

Sam is in the process of creating a new album. Check out his blog post for info on how you can help him out.


  1. I love this song and the video makes it better! Very talented family. congrats Sam! Everyone should help him if they can. He has my support

  2. love sam. love this song. love the video.