Monday, May 5, 2014

Music Monday – P!nk

Even though I am PurpleBrina and I have STRONG hate for the color pink, I do have a STRONG LOVE for the singer P!nk. She is almost the voice of my musical soul. I can relate to her songs on so many levels. I just love how she has always stayed true to who is she. She doesn't care what anyone had to say – she is who she is and she is gonna sing whatever she wants to. And I love that about her. She is real when so many others aren't.

It was really, really hard to pick some of my favorite songs because she has so many that I love. So here is like 17 of my top favorites. Listen to them all or just the ones you know or the one your don't. No matter – enjoy the musical stylings that are P!nk.

Don't Let Me Get Me

You Make Me Sick

There You Go

Just Like a Pill

So What

Raise Your Glass

Please Don’t Leave Me


U + Ur Hand

Who Knew

Nobody Knows

Slut Like You

Get the Party Started

Bad Influence

Misery (feat. Steven Tyler)


Just Give Me a Reason (feat. Nate Ruess)


  1. I love Pink! Glad you picked her. She is very talented and deserves it. Thanks for sharing your love for musi with us. ����

  2. I love P!NK, and the color pink. I agree there are too many great songs to choose from and makes it really hard to decide. Thanks for sharing, girl!

  3. p!nk is awesome. i also love her. and i love what you said about her. completely agree. her music is powerful.