Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Champion

One of the best moments from this week's Game of Thrones episode was when Prince Oberyn volunteers to be Tyrion's Champion in a fight against The Mountain (Gregor Clegane).  If you recall, its The Mountain that slaughtered his sister and her children during Robert's Rebellion. Vengeance is that powerful, that Oberyn who despises the Lannisters is willing to go up against a beast, and fight on Tyrion's behalf...maybe it was the sad story he told of how he first met little Tyrion as a baby that also inspired him to fight. Whatever his motives, and there are motives, I'm happy that he's the one fighting for Tyrion. And I hope he accomplishes what he has set out to do.

Now I have to say, I've been a fan of Prince Oberyn since the season started, and this just solidified it. He is one sexy, sexy man!!! I hope he knows what he's doing and can come out a victor in all this. Something tells me, he will :)

So what were your thoughts on Sunday's episode?

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