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"For Better or For Worse" 06.23 - Castle

Wow. It has taken me a few days to wrap my head and heart around the reality of what happened Monday night.

As far as finale purposes, "For Better or For Worse" achieved exactly what it's intended purpose was. It was entertaining, emotional, and divisive, and it most certainly has whetted my appetite for Season 7. 


This is the significantly abbreviated version  of this

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I have taken issue with the premises of this episode, especially coupled with the comments made by show runner, Andrew Marlowe. The "Kate being married" story line, went against the character's own well established back story. Now I am not saying that Kate being married before makes her "damaged goods", but it does break down the "one and done" philosophy that Kate has been seemingly espoused to. I know that their is a huge difference between a wedding and a marriage, but this deviation in character was a disheartening wrench that was thrown in just to create controversy. In addition to this, it made Kate seem dumb. Kate has been proven time and time again as the furthest thing from dumb. The fact that the daughter of brilliant lawyers, and an impressive mind in her own right never thought to question if in fact the wedding was legally binding is not canon I can wrap my head around. If even a doofus like O'Leary knew he's had a coma wife this entire time, Kate would have had to question it at some point. Which brings me to another lovely facet of this plothole. Kate works for the NYPD and previously for the AG's office, if a simple check at the county clerk can bring up Rogan, how is it that a husband who has impersonated a Federal Officer has never made a system hit? She's been in danger enough times to make contacting her next of kin commonplace. Marlowe has been quoted saying he did it to "level the moral playing field", not sure that intentionally trying to cause damage to a beautifully flawed character was the best idea. Kate has concealed the truth, gone on personal vendettas, outright lied, lost herself in a bottle, used her past as a weapon against her future, denied, fought, and came back from PTSD, and Marlowe still needs to bring her down a notch? To add to this list, if Kate and Rick were a couple that "kept score" then they have no reason to be getting married in the first place.  

But onto the rest of the episode, Rogan was the affable roguish character that I love to hate! I loved the addition of him to her backstory minus the wedding. We've been offered the little glimpses into the world of "RebelBex" but this episode really explored just how rebellious Kate was, and how much losing her mom affected her into becoming the person that she is. The mob tie in was also a predictable, but laughable addition to the chaos that ensued from Kate and Rick just trying to have a quiet and calm wedding. 

As much as the last scene felt like a physical punch in the gut, it plays into the cliffhangers we have always gotten out of Marlowe for season enders. I've seen several theories about what exactly happened to Castle, because we know he's not dead. These have ranged from mob hit, to his dad being involved, to 3xk and I for one am really excited to see who has had it right all along!

As much as I didn't like this episode there were some definite highlights. 

The scoring, as always Robert Duncan did an amazing job of drawing us into the story. His accompaniment works with the scene exactly as intended, with the ability to make you feel what is happening on such a deeper level. 

Alexis and Martha were such lifesavers and amazing characters! From Alexis to the rescue to Kate's moment with Martha, Susan and Molly definitely were my favorites this episode! The earrings; what a touching exchange with Kate, and I loved the visual throwback to having a mother in the mirror sharing in this with her. Martha has been Kate's stand in mother for long before she was a potential MiL. So glad to see it!

 And now we wait. Marlowe has said that there will be no time jump for 07.01, so we will pick back up from the crash scene this September! 

Our Giveaway winner has been announce and contacted! I cannot wait for Joyce to get her very own "Beckett" mug! Thank you to everyone who entered! Be on the look out this summer for more events!! 

I am planning a rewatch this summer and more details will be posted soon! I am also pleased to announce that I've accepted a new position with BeamlyUS as the host of their Castle TV Room. So the rewatch will be a conjoined site experience! The Beamly app is available for Apple and Android devices! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and theories about the episode! Hit me up here in the comments or tumblr and Twitter are always an excellent options!! 

Congratulations to all of my readers who have or are graduating this spring!! Your North Stars are proud. Always. 

Can't wait for my first summer rewatching Castle with you!! 



  1. I am such a huge Castle fan that it was almost painful to watch that finale. I am not sure what happened and I'm almost hoping that this is some really weird bad dream or a new Castle graphic novel because that is the only thing that makes a bit of sense.

    You are absolutely right - there is no way Beckett would be married and not know it. And Beckett was just "off" the entire episode - weird and goofy which is not Beckett no matter how excited she was about the wedding.

    My biggest beef was the contrived plot. Marlowe has always said that they want organic obstacles put in the path of Castle and Beckett. Organic. An unknown husband, a biker gang, a mob boss, a stripper, and a burst water pipe are not organic and it wasn't light-hearted.

    It was gruelling and even though I didn't think they were getting married because it looked too easy - and Marlowe isn't about easy that episode was not the calibre we expect from the writer and his muse.

    As to the fiery crash, which we all saw coming. Someone needs to figure out a different way to shoot those because whenever you're tight on a character in a car, you know a bump is coming. Honestly, I hope it is not 3XK because that guy's vendetta isn't with those characters and he is psychotic not stupid. You keep coming at Castle and Beckett and eventually, they will win.

    If they are opening new mythology, then it needs to be new. Think about this, the wedding venue was changed, Castle should not have been on that road but he was coming back from pushing legal papers through that never should have existed...What if the entire thing was a set up?

    1. Kristi, this was my umpteenth draft, I was so emotional after Monday night that I literally hibernated afterwards. I felt physically ill. And thank you!! I'm so glad to know that I wasn't the only one that thought Beckett was out of sorts! I'm interested in Marlowe's new mythology, but I know that he isn't done with the old one. The whole thing seemed to have been staged to get Castle out on that specific road alone. From Kevin's tux, to Kate's dress, the venue, and even the suspicious mystery husband. Like whomever it was was so determined to make this wedding unsuccessful, and they finally had to pull out all the stops.

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