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"Law and Boarder" 06.21 - Castle

Sorry for the late post, on a personal note, gravity and laptops do not mix well, gravity will inevitably win! With that being said, let's talk about "Law and Boarder"!

I'm going to take the opportunity to explain dispute some comments I've seen on various social media sites. As the season is winding down, (this thought physically pains me) we've gotten a couple of what are called "filler" episodes. Last week's throwback to the 70's and this week's adventures with sk8tr boys are text book examples. Full of cute moments, and classic dialogue, but no real character progression or story arc movement. That does not mean that they are fantastic episodes! They are usually episodes that can stand alone with no loose ends. And since we have enough loose ends, (Bracken, 3XK, and while we're at it Anderson Cross/Jackson Hunt) these episodes are a refreshing call back to the chemistry that can get lost in the story! 
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Our murder this week is focused on the world of extreme sports, with our victim fleeing on his skateboard from our masked motocross biker. I will go on the record to say that the next scene makes my extensive list of top moments this season. I've personally felt that the interaction between Alexis and Beckett could have been better used this season, so anytime we get any, I'm ecstatic. Just as the relationship between Castle/Alexis was something that endeared Kate to Rick, it goes a long way to make the audience at large accept Alexis as Kate's step-daughter and vice-versa. Something that was noted that stuck out to me was, Alexis saying, "Oh my gosh, did you really beat Dad at Scrabble?" instead of "my Dad" shows how much her attitude has changed since the beginning of the season. And that fist bump!! I also loved the reemergence of competitive Castle! Thanks to the new writer Jim Adler, this episode was full of things to mark off of the "Things We Want to See" checklist!
Side Note Castle could have used his letters to make: HOLY off the Y in MYRIAD (double word score would give him 20pts. besting Kate), TOIL off the T in TARN, VOID off the D in MYRIAD...... this list could go on forever.... I might be a nerd.
Photo Credit: Jim Adler via Twitter
And away we go to a crime scene, after getting the specifics of the scene from Ryan and Espo, and putting in the orders for the case, the next scene is something I couldn't have conceived 2 seasons ago! We find out that Kate has asked Lanie to be her MoH and they proceed to fangirl about the gorgeous dress right then and there! Going to leave Season 1 Beckett at a crime scene and Season 6 Beckett at a crime scene right here.....

Which plays a hand in developing one of my favorite B storylines of Season 6; Ryan and Espo: And the Quest for Best Man. The onscreen and off-screen "Bromance" that Seamus and Jon have lent to their characters is literally my BrOTP. So I loved the competition for Castle's affection in this ep. And if it were going to be either of them, Ryan had it in the bag. We don't call him "Castle Jr." for nothing! But ultimately, (and I called it long ago) Castle has asked Alexis as his Best "Man" It was also nice for Castle to admit that Beckett now, rightfully supersedes his mother on the "People who mean the most to me" list. 

In pursuit of Logan's killer, Castle and Beckett are in for a ride of false leads that are full of dead ends. From ties to the Albanian Mob to professional grudges that run deep and a checkered past, the team is getting seemingly nowhere on the case.

Back in the loft for a scrabble rematch, if only Castle had taken Kate's suggestion for a change in activity! Kate trying to throw the game brings back the episode "Ghosts" from season 1 when they both threw poker hands to save a little face with each other! And while we're talking poker... All awards go to Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Jim Adler, Dara Creasey, and Terri Edda Miller, for the conception and execution of the final strip poker scene. If there has or ever will be a scene taken straight from fanfiction, THIS. WAS. IT. And I cannot say enough about Nathan in that red button down!

With a major plot twist, we find out that our victim Logan, might not have been the hoodlum that he was made out to be, but only avenging the death of his friend Jay Dickson. In fact every connection to the world of extreme sports and New York is all about finding Jay's murderer and getting justice for his friend. And even though our now double murderer has done everything in his power to conceal the truth, the team finally uncovers that Ross DeKoening is the guilty party. 

And with that we wait for the last two episodes of the season, which are most certainly going to leave me reblogging and blogging from the grave. 

Be sure to catch "Veritas" Monday, May 5th and see if you can spot my girl Ayanna Bershire as a journalist near the end of the episode!

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