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The Originals – The Battle of New Orleans – Episode 1.21 recap

(Sorry for the delay on these last two recaps, vacation and sickness kinda got in my way, but I'm back now)

Previously on The Originals
Elijah made a treaty, everyone else seems to have ignored it. Vampire attacks, suicide bombings at the werewolf camp and Francesca Correa is a scheming bitch. Mikael wants Davina to bring him back from the dead and Klaus is making moonlight rings for his werewolf buddies. The witches are gunning for Klaus and Hayley's baby and Marcel is generall being a bit of a prat.

Ollie and Jackson are transporting the stones meant for the moonlight rings when they are stopped by police...police in the employ of Marcel and Diego. Seems like someone got word about the next stage in Klaus's plan.

JOSH HAS A DAYLIGHT RING!!! Oh yes, best thing I've seen in a while is Josh catching some rays and checking out hot joggers, but Davina has to bring the mood down, she knows things are about to get real and wants Josh out of town. She's hallucinating Mikael and things are looking bad since she's already helped Marcel with a cloaking spell, she doesn't want Josh in the middle of it all.

Meanwhile, in the swankiest wine cellar come dining room I have ever seen, Genevieve is all giddy over the spells from Esther's grimoire that she needs to make the moonlight rings. Klaus springs it on her that she isn't just making one for Hayley, but about a hundred so all the wolves will be protected, not the deal she worked out with Elijah but Klaus sweetens the deal by offering her the entire grimoire in exchange for her complete loyalty. She's not sure but Klaus reminds her that if she has anyone to fear it's her coven who want her dead, not Klaus or the wolves.

Cami has just cracked the code from the box when Rousseau's is invaded by Correa and her goons, seems she has bought the bar just to threaten Cami into handing over the key. It's clearly not for the business opportunity as there's no-one making the famous gumbo any more. Cami does a very good job of standing up to Francesca who leaves after giving Cami a deadline and a threat.

Marcel and Diego are working over Ollie and Jackson to find out what the plan is but the wolves aren't talking until Diego threatens to torch Ollie. Jackson offers up everything Marcel wants to know if they let Ollie go.

Elijah calls Klaus to tell him their stone couriers are missing, but Klaus already knows, and he's stalking the leverage he needs to get Davina to do his bidding, namely Josh, who ends up on the wrong side of Klaus's fangs! Klaus better be prepared to heal his ass, Josh is officially my second favourite character in this show now that Father K is gone. Klaus is rather miffed with the returned witch, especially since Klaus has done everything he can to keep her on side, but still she allies herself with Marcel. Davina, stop being a primadonna, do as Klaus asks and get your gay bestie back alive! Also, so glad scheming Klaus is back.

So the code in the box leads to a room in a boarding house, a completely empty looking room as Cami walks in, there isn't even a cat in the fridge...just beer. Cami for some reason goes looking in the closet in the corner and finds Father K's Narnia! There's a hidden storage room filled with all sorts of mystical and supernatural paraphernalia, including the syringe the witches used to try and kill Hayley's baby, guess that got left in the church, and a big file box labelled “FOR CAMI”.

Genevieve plays the “I was a nurse” card for the second week in a row to try and get Hayley to chill, I'm finding Gen increasingly inscrutable, last week I thought I had her pegged that she was not going to kill the baby, that she was already on Klaus's side then she went and said she'd do it anyway. This week Klaus is having to wheedle her on to his team and then she's being all nice to Hayley. Something is definitely rotten in the French Quarter.

Klaus and Elijah rescue Jackson from the warehouse despite it being rigged with a serious amount of plastic explosive. Klaus jokes that they should leave Jackson there, especially as he is competition to Elijah for Hayley's affections. At least I think it was a joke. Elijah says that the bombs are the same as those used out in the bayou, does that mean it was Marcel and not Correa that orchestrated it? Or is Marcel working with Correa to try and overthrow the Mikaelson boys? They get Jackson back to the compound and discuss their next moves. Klaus trades with Francesca for replacement stones to the ones Marcel has likely scattered in the Mississippi so that they can make their rings. Oh yeah, and Francesca knows what they are for. Seems to me that despite what she says, the human faction would not be cool with giving Klaus the means to make a werewolf army which can only result in an all out war as they try to take out the vampires. There has to be something else going on here.

After a little heart to heart between Jackson and Hayley, Jack leaves and Elijah arrives, just in time for her to tell Elijah about Jackson being her intended werewolf hubby. Elijah is all noble and accepting until Hayley pushes him for some kind of reaction...and he kisses her!!!! Oh yes, happy chair dancing over here!

Genevieve is working on the moonlight rings and requires the blood of a werewolf who doesn't turn on the full moon. Klaus refuses to let her use Hayley and offers his blood instead.

Marcel rallies his troops against Klaus again, no backing down this time apparently, and everyone seems to be willing to die for him.

Francesca busts in on witchy time to say that Marcel's army is on the way, Klaus and Elijah go to meet them, leaving Francesca, Hayley and Gen alone for some girl talk. So this time it seems Marcel's goons have brought weapons to the party, still don't think it'll get them anywhere. Marcel runs off, leading Klaus away and leaving Elijah and Francesca's goons to take on every vampire in the Quarter. Klaus and Marcel have a knock-down, drag-out in the streets of the Quarter and recriminations abound.

Meanwhile, in Narnia, Cami finds evidence that Miss Correa is not all she has presented herself to be. She's not human at all...she's one of the last descendants of the Guerrera werewolf clan that Marcel supposedly wiped out decades ago. I KNEW IT. I KNEW SHE WAS SHADY!!!

Back at the Compound Elijah is absolutely spanking the vampires, there are bodies flying everywhere. One of Francesca's goons tells her she needs to leave but she says not yet, someone wants a moonlight ring methinks... Hayley ignores a call from Cami...seriously dumb move. Gen finishes the spell and hands the stones over to Francesca who offs her bodyguard and triggers her werewolf curse. Hayley tries to stop her but Gen witchifies her.

Klaus is still kicking the crap out of Marcel and then bites him.

Cami leaves a voicemail for Hayley telling her about Francesca – oops...too late. Francesca is busy doling out moonlight stones to her brothers ready for them to go lobo and take back their city.

As the stones begin to work their magic for the werewolves something happens to Klaus. The cut Genevieve made on his palm to take his blood re-opens and he collapses. With each one of the werewolves that activates their curse he becomes weaker.

Elijah stands among the dead and dying vampires when Francesca distracts him so her brothers can bite Mr Mikaelson before setting on the remaining vampires, chasing them through the Quarter.

Klaus feeds from a janitor in Rousseau's but he still doesn't heal, Genevieve turns up like the bad penny she is and tells him why, she bound his strength into the stones. And all because he didn't really care about her.

OH CRAP – JOSH! If Klaus is all broken he can't heal everyone's fave gay vampire. Davina and Mikael have a little natter, Mikael is his usual smooth self and convinces Davina to agree to raise him from the dead in exchange for offing Klaus and providing his blood to cure Josh.

Out in the bayou Francesca meets Oliver and gives him a moonlight stone. He yells at her for the deaths that resulted from the bombing, poor misguided fool actually believed this two-faced wench but she tells him that they got exactly what they wanted. The Crescent wolves are ready to follow Jackson and thanks to the deal she made with the witches, Hayley is no longer in their way.

Marcel returns to the compound to see his guys all dead or dying from werewolf bites. Cami turns up, she's been trying to find someone to tell them about Francesca. Elijah comes storming out demanding to know where Hayley is, seems someone has misplaced the little wolf, Cami convinces him that Marcel is innocent of her abduction. Elijah asks where Klaus is and Marcel tells him what happened, Elijah realises that Genevieve is to blame.

Hayley is dragged into St Anne's chuch kicking and screaming quite literally, as a result of Genevieve's spell to knock her out she is going into labour. Monique tells Hayley exactly what they are going to do, about the sacrifice of the baby, and the fact that no-one will stop them. Out in the streets Klaus hears her screams and lets out the most primal roar and everything goes black.

I cannot possibly imagine what is going to happen in the finale but I know I will be watching with a large box of tissues and a serious doubt that I will have any fingernails left by the time it's done. Once I've got over the trauma it is bound to induce I'll be back with the recap!

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