Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Zelena is Green with Envy

I expected more from “It’s Not Easy Being Green” based on the previews and I was disappointed mostly because I let ABC trick me – they are notorious for out of sequence promos. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the episode but the whole Zelena is green because of jealous envy of her half-sister was just a bit cheesy if you ask me.

So Zelena wants to turn back time and erase all trace of her sister. Not only is she jealous but kind of petty. She beat down the Wizard, has the Dark One on a string and all she can think about is all the pretties her sister got when they were children.

Courtesy of ABC TV

My other itching point this week was the business with Henry. This weird amnesia has run its course and someone needs to get that boy in play. It really makes me wonder if Henry will be the one to get Rumple’s blade from Zelena.
Now for the good part of the episode:
I loved, loved, loved Regina in this episode! The fact that she turned over her heart to Robin just melted mine because it really shows true growth for Lana Parilla’s character. I hope the writers take some time developing this because I really believe it could be fun and open a lot of avenues for them to take storywise.
Even getting bashed around Regina showed more courage and steely determination than her green relative. I am seriously waiting for the moment when Regina kicks her green tush back to Oz.

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