Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ANGELINA JOLIE Disney’s “Dream Trailer” For ‘Maleficent’ (Featuring Lana Del Rey)

Here’s a NEW trailer for Angelina Jolie’s new movie, ‘Maleficent.’ Disney is calling it the “dream trailer” because it features Lana Del Rey’s new version of the song ‘Once Upon a Dream.’ Talk about haunting! It will play during the end credits of ‘Maleficent.’ If you like what you hear, you can download Lana’s version of the song for FREE on Google Play through Monday, February 3.

I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Maleficent’ on the big screen. No matter what you think of Angelina’s other pursuits, you have to admit she’s an incredibly talented actress. If anyone can pull this role off, she can. The more trailers I see, the more I’m guessing it won’t be suitable for the little ones (under the age of six or so), but otherwise this looks like something both kids and adults can enjoy. Angelina as Maleficent and even Elle Fanning as a young Sleeping Beauty. Are you excited about ‘Maleficent’?
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