Saturday, January 25, 2014

‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 11 recap: Always evil

The Vampire Diaries‘ 100th episode, “500 Years of Solitude,” aired tonight and it left us with a bunch of feels that we can barely contain!

Katherine Screwed EVERYONE
-Episode starts with a flashback of pregnant Katherine, and then Katherine giving birth. Her family doesn’t let her see the baby.
-Current Katherine is in the hospital being defibrillated, trying to bring her to life. She had a heart attack.
-But she got brought back before she flatlined completely.
-Vampire blood won’t save her, and they think she won’t survive the rest of the day. Doctors allow Katherine to be brought back home to be more comfortable – because Stefan compelled them.
-Caroline and Bonnie bring Elena a breakup breakfast. They want her to feel better.
-Meanwhile, Damon is getting drunk at the bar.
-They find out Katherine is dying and they do a toast to her. They each talk about all the bad things Katherine did to them. They drink every time they mention something bad.
-All the characters join in. It seems that everything bad that has happened basically happened because of her.
-Katherine doesn’t like dying, and Stefan is being nice to her because of it.
-Meanwhile, Nadia attacks Matt.
-The rest of the characters find out that Stefan had sex with Katherine. And that Nadia is Katherine’s daughter.
-Nadia buried Matt in the same safe that Stefan was in, without his ring.

The Cost of Saving Katherine
-Nadia will get Matt free if she gets what she needs: A traveler to teach Katherine how to transfer her existence to a new body. Her body.
-While Stefan and Elena go off with Nadia, Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy go looking for the place she buried Matt. They realize that the Salvatore property is HUGE.
-Flashback to Katherine discovering her family was slaughtered.
-Damon invades the memory. How rude. He was going to suffocate her but Sheriff Forbes stops him.
-Damon thinks Katherine ruined him, Sheriff Forbes says she still has control over him.
-Caroline is searching for Matt, and instead finds Klaus. Good, now kiss!
-Nadia finds a traveler, whose price for her service was Dopplegangers.
-The travelers trap Elena and Stefan in the house and mess with their rings so they can’t go outside or in the sun. There are like, twenty travelers chanting a spell.

The Originals Return
-Klaus found out Katherine is dying. He then tells Caroline about how he met with Tyler in New Orleans.
-Sheriff Forbes brings sedatives for Katherine, and even though she doesn’t want them, Damon sticks her with one.
-Another flashback, this time of Katherine entering Mystic Falls for the first time. Her carriage comes across a man with his own carriage troubles, and Katherine thinks he’s gorgeous. Of course, it’s Stefan.
-Katherine tell Damon that she wants to believe the prophecy of dopplegangers being together is stupid, but the first time she met Stefan she basically fell in love.
-While Stefan and Elena are being “attacked” via chanting, they make up after being mad at each other all day. A mysterious traveler brings a bucket and slits their wrists over it. They want doppleganger blood.
-These travelers are creepy as hell, they just stand and chant at Elena/Stefan.
-Stefan and Elena don’t heal from the cuts.
-Caroline meets Klaus again and he asks if she would offer Klaus the same choice she gave Tyler: Her or revenge.
-Klaus brought Rebekah with him and she dug Matt up!

Aunt Jenna and Uncle John Return! Kinda.
-Katherine hallucinates that Jenna and John are attacking her because that’s what Damon is making her see.
-She then sees Elijah, but that’s also a hallucination. Damon says no one cares, but then Nadia snaps his neck and brings the traveler with her to help her transfer bodies.
-Stefan tells Elena not to give up on Damon, and to not let him give up on her. Suddenly, all of the travelers stop chanting, and Elena and Stefan heal. Now they have a bucket of their blood each.
-Nadia wants Katherine to use her as a vessel. But Katherine doesn’t want to. Letting her dad rip Nadia out of Katherine’s arms was the biggest regret of her life. She’s fought for everything for 500 years, but she’s had a long full life.
-Damon wakes up and hears Katherine say she wants to do the right thing for once. Nadia doesn’t want to sit by her side and watch her die, walks away.

They Do the Frickity-Frack in the Woods
-Klaus will leave if Caroline gives him her confession. As soon as he’s done in Mystic Falls he’s never coming back, and she’ll never have to think of him again. He will be gone and she will be free.
-But Klaus wants her to be honest with him. Caroline says she’s in college and building a life for herself: Plans, a future, and none of them involve Klaus.
-If Klaus walks away and promises to not come back, Caroline will be honest with what she wants. He promises.
-Caroline then kisses him! CAROLAUS FOREVER!
-They do the diggity-do-frickity-frack in the middle of a forest. So TVD.
-Damon gives up on messing with Katherine’s mind, leaves as Stefan comes in.
-Stefan came to say goodbye, tells Katherine to close her eyes.
-Another flashback of her family being slaughtered. The worst day of her life. Damon said that her family being slaughtered was all her fault, and that she deserved it. She thinks he was right.
-Stefan changes her memory, the bodies and blood of her family start disappearing. He says none of this is her fault.
-Stefan lets her imagine her baby is back in her arms. He says goodbye, but she’s not dead yet.

Tricks Until the End
-Stefan tells Damon he needs to fix what’s happening between him and Elena. Damon thinks he’s no better than Katherine, and that Elena will be better without him.
-Matt asks Bonnie who else she sees on the other side. She doesn’t like talking about it, but she sees Vickie and tells him that she loves him. Vickie watches over him, doesn’t want him to knock around with Rebekah.
-Tyler comes back – to say hi to Matt.
-Alaric is back! He doesn’t like to let Damon be in charge of them, so of course he comes back.
-Bonnie also sees Katherine, but she wills herself back to life…apparently.
-Elena is next to Katherine, and wants to talk to her. She forgives Katherine and says that she doesn’t think Katherine was born evil. Katherine lost everyone she cared about too early and didn’t have a family.
-Katherine asks Elena to give her another dose of suppressants, and thanks Elena for her forgiveness.
-Right as she does that, Katherine performs the spell to transfer her consciousness to Elena.

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