Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Just Breathe series" by Heather Allen is a great read

Imagine finding out just before your eighteenth birthday that you are a Mermaid and you need to choose if you want to go to the water and walk (or swim in this case) away from everything you know, your best friend, your family and school.

Imagine that the person who comes to tell you all of this is a gorgeous boy (Jack) and you fall for him almost immediately. Now what happens if he tries his best to dissuade you from joining him in the sea.

Once the decision is made Ever finds out that she is not really welcome in the sea and there is a war brewing between the half breeds (where the person is half mermaid and half human) and the purebreds. The pure breeds want their existence to be secret and they feel like the half breeds are a danger to their society. The fact that the half breeds are more powerful and have more talents just adds to the tension.

Her problem is that the Leader of the purebreds is a merman who used to be human and her great-grandfather and the leader of the half breeds is her grandfather. Both of these groups want her to join them as she is very powerful in her mermaid form. Who is bad and who is good.

Who does she need to join and what impact will it have on her and her new home. When her brother gets dragged into this feud before he turns eighteen she is even more confused.

Will she make the correct choice and will she find happiness and love while surviving everything from wars, jealous ex girlfriends and angry parents, who know nothing about this world and what she is dealing with.

I found these books really entertaining and a pleasure to read. I loved the way it was written and I suggest strongly that you spoil yourself with this trilogy today.

For those like me who can't stand not getting them together you can also buy the Trilogy here:

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