Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chris Hemsworth: Losing 30 Pounds For ‘Rush’ Made Me ‘Moody’

Chris is known for his incredible roles and his extremely buff body in ‘Thor.’ However, for his new role in ‘Rush,’ he had to portray British race-car driver James Hunt — and had to lose 30 pounds!

Super sexy actor Chris Hemsworth spoke exclusively to at the New York screening of his new film Rush, revealing that a specific part of filming “was pretty uncomfortable!”

Chris Hemsworth’s Shocking Weight Loss — Details Revealed

Ferrari & The Cinema Society hosted a screening of Rush on Sept. 18, and Chris looked better than ever with his cast-mates promoting his new action-packed film.
The after party at Hotel Americano was filled with D’USSE Cognac cocktails and hors d’oeuvres — and Chris must have been thrilled to get back to chowing down!
“I was at floor weight, which is 215 lbs.” Chris told us about his body before the film. “Then I [had to] cut down to about 185. It was pretty uncomfortable!”
Chris revealed that the weight loss was the most intense part about the preparation for the film and to do it, he “didn’t eat much and ran a lot! It was a pretty moody existence.”

Chris Relaxes With Family In Off Time

Aww. Luckily for Chris, he does get a chance to unwind with his family — brothers Luke and Liam Hemsworth, wife Elsa Pataky and daughter India Rose.
“At the moment, [I] spend time with my family, ya know?” Chris said about what he looks forward to doing in down time. “It’s the hardest thing in the world to travel and work, being away from them. But [a break] is coming up! Each time we do an intense period [of filming], then we have a break, and we all hang out. It was great.”
Rush hits theaters worldwide on Sept. 27! Check it out and let us know what you think of Chris’ dramatic makeover?

Source: Hollywood Life

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