Thursday, October 31, 2013

Michonne & Daryl

For all you Walking Dead much do love Michonne and Daryl??!!! They are by far 2 of my most favorite characters. Now Daryl as you know has been in the series since the first season, and we got introduced to Michonne in season 3. 
Both are similar in a way; fierce killers, they don't show emotion too much but you know they love deeply, and most importantly their honorable and loyal.
Now some may disagree, but there is something about Daryl that makes him HOT.
Maybe its the dirt, the attitude, or just his badass demeanor, whatever it is, it works on him. Watching him take down those nasty zombies with his bow and arrows is pretty hot too. 
Now when Michonne came into the group I was so taken with her character. She embodies such strength and heart.  And no one is fiercer with a sword...She's someone I would want on my side, if i was faced with hundreds of kinda sorta dead people coming at me. 
Now in its fourth season, we haven't seen a love interest for Daryl. It's would definitely take a certain type of woman to handle Daryl, and I think she would have to really be his equal. I think you see where I'm going with this. I think a more personal relationship between these two are in order this season. I also believe the chemistry between them would be insane. One trying to dominate the other, or would they show their vulnerability with one another?  I think we're ready to see our beloved Daryl get some post apocalyptic lovin!!!! 

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