Thursday, October 31, 2013

SM Reine Rules Halloween!

Just a few days ago I received a copy of SM Reine's latest release "Ruled by Steel". It was incredible. Sara has such a wonderful imagination, it is Halloween in her head every day.

Even though her characters are real and consistent they still manage to surprise you. Considering this is not even remotely her first book featuring these people.

Every couple of pages bring heart racing tension and mind numbing fear. I have no idea how she does it without some major chemical assistance.

Reading her books is an amazing journey through her twisted mind (only her author side). You want to take it, trust me! Make a start today. This is the third book in this series that is a follow on of two previous ones combined!

Go find all her books and embark on your journey into darkness, that brings you to this, one of her best works yet.


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