Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our Top 5 reasons Theo James is here to stay

Theo Tuesday is a staple here at FANdemonium Network. We thought we would take the time to point out our top five reasons we think Theo is here to stay. 

1- He’s British. The British are coming the British are coming. He is blazing the path with latest of the Brit Pack to come over the pond.

2- We know he can rock a convincing accent. He was amazing in Golden Boy with his perfectly nailed New York accent, and is rocking as Four with his very American accent which has a hint of Chicago and New York well blended together.

3- We won’t see Theo headlining any of the tabloid magazines. He waited to become an actor. He got out his growing pains and wild antics out of the way. Partied, lived, and worked before he was ready to become our latest and greatest obsession on the small and big screens.

4- He didn’t “make it” straight away. He paid his dues appearing in several British TV shows and made for TV movies, before “making it” in the US, landing the lead role in Golden Boy and David in Underworld: Awakening before becoming our Tobias Eaton in the Divergent series.

5- He’s hot plain and simple. Have you looked at him? I mean really looked at him? With Greek English and Scottish ancestry, he is the perfect combination of them all. Chiseled cheek bones, a defined jaw, and a Greek like stature that can look suave and debonair in a suit, charming and playful wearing the “Hamptons” look, and rock in just jeans and a t-shirt being himself.

Do you agree? FANdomaniacs we want to hear from you! 

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