Monday, July 14, 2014

Eric Northmam..Is Sex On a Throne

Welcome back Eric....What a great episode last night. And Ginger said it best, "Eric sex on a throne. " I'm not gonna disagree with that. He may be sick, but he still has that look that will make ya all warm and fuzzy inside. Speaking of, he kinda got that look when he saw Sookie. And there's no denying, Sookie was feeling it too. It was such a beautifully tender moment between them. The sort of moment that makes you reminisce about when they were briefly together. I know Bill was her first love, but there is no disputing their unspoken chemistry. It was the first time all season that we've seen some genuine emotion from Sookie.
In other True Blood news, it was awesome to see some of the old beloved characters back, like Terry and Hoyt. It was such an emotional episode, from Jessica starving herself, Arlene close to deaths door and making those gut wrenching calls to Hoyt and Alcide's dad. On a positive note,  no deaths unless you want to count the Hep-V vamps. They suck though, so it really didn't matter.
Let's just hope someone will come up with a cure to save Eric.

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