Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Question Is, Who Hasn't Been With Sookie?

Who says you can't have it all! And our beloved Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood has had plenty...of hot men that is! Who hasn't she hooked up with on the show? Each one better looking than the next! 

We all know it started with a certain Mr. Bill Compton. One of the biggest draws for her, besides him being the first vamp in Bon Temps, was that she couldn't hear his thoughts. One of the most asked questions throughout the entire series was asked of Sookie time and time again, "What are you?" She definitely was not just your typical Merlotte's waitress, but it wasn't until season 3 that we learned about Sookie's true faerie nature. Maybe it’s the faerie blood or maybe a centuries old contract, but whatever the reason, "Sookie is MINE," was quite the common sentiment.

So take a deep breath and let's take a look back at Sookie's Suitors!!

Mr. Bill Compton...There will always be a soft spot for Bill. Despite all the bad he has done, he truly loves Sookie. Bill was also Sookie's first love, and you never forget your first!

Even though they never really got together, since the very first episode our beloved underdog (no pun intended), was so love struck with Sookie. But Sam never left the “friend zone.”

Then there's our Sexy Viking, Mr. Eric Northman. These two were always at odds with one another, but the attraction between them was always so blatantly obvious. And honestly, who wouldn't want a piece of Eric. He's cold and calculating, but he's always held a soft spot for Sookie. His motives may not have been so apparent, but he always made sure she was protected.

When they finally hooked up in season 4, I was hoping they'd stay together. I've always loved their dynamic with each other. They both challenged one another. Some may say that maybe they weren't really a good fit, but there was fire (not just a spark) between them. And then poor Sookie couldn't decide. 

Moving on…

Having had her fill of vamps, Sookie decides to take a break. Then she stumbles upon this fine young man (who happens to be the centuries old vampire/faerie she was contracted to marry), you know the one who killed her parents. It turns out that Warlow is every bit the psychopath that Sookie thought; wanting only her blood and body as his vampire faerie bride. (He gets staked, problem solved)

So now with Warlow finally dead…Drum roll please…

Oh Sookie, we are all drooling!! So our fav wolf Alcide has pretty much been pining for Miss Stackhouse since they first met, and at the end of season 6 guess what? You guessed it, the faerie and the wolf are now a hot item!
The question is, who will she end up with? Is their relationship strong enough or will first love conquer all?

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