Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's hear it for the boys.. Of Astoria

When the men of Astoria put their minds to something they go for it full swing and kick ass doing it. When Steven Grayhm, Matt Dallas, and Charlie Bewley started their journey to fund Thunder Road, and gave us great incentives they said we wouldn't be disappointed and they didn't lie.
Photo Credit: @SarahLeaV

On January 2 2014, Super Bowl Sunday, the first of many incentives was rolled out at Lucky Strike Bowling in Hollywood, Ca, it was labeled Super BOWLing with Charlie and his Twilight friends and boy was it super and a blast! Charlie’s twilight cast mates that were in attendance were Erik Odom, Patrick Brennan, Billy Tangradi, Alex Meraz , and Gil Birmingham. Nice mix of fun and all the guys were up for the challenge of bowling. Also in the mix were some of the military including Andy Nguyen, who is the fourth man in Astoria (in my humble opinion).

It was like a Twilight convention reunion. I was in heaven. I got to see some of my Twilight faves from when I was going to conventions month after month and play catch up. It was fun.
Photo Credit: @SarahLeaV
We started out the day with some food and drinks and small talk and then we were divided up for the real fun, bowling with Bewls. The guys were in teams, Wolves, The Irish, The nomads and the Volturi. I, being a volturi girl, kinda wanted to be on the Volturi Team, but I was picked for the Irish, I was blissful, I hadn’t seen Pat in ages and it was time to play catch up, which also meant I got to chat up Erik and Billy as they were the lane next to us. We set our names in and it was game on. I can’t bowl, I had no intentions of bowling, but how could anyone resist bowling with our fave Twilight stars? I bowl granny style and I was laughed at… until I got my first strike. Who was laughing then, No one. I only managed a strike thanks to Andy giving me a heavier ball. It was all fun and laughs, food and drinks, a good, no; a great time had by all. Team Irish won, so I was really happy as well as the guys on our team. I got to meet some awesome people on my team, April, and Judd and Andy. I learned all about from the guys and what it all means, and how they all need our support, we must all stand by our military and our veterans.

The losing team which was The Volturi, had to do push-ups! What a sight that was!
Photo Credit: @SarahLeaV
You all should have been there and you could have been if you would have bought a ticket to bowling. Who am I kidding, here is a glimpse of the fun. Before the big game was on, the guys were all signing autographs and posing for pics. Then just as Charlie said we had our VIP room for us only to watch the Super Bowl with the guys! We got to hang out with some really cool guys, and meet Matt and Steven, and god are they awesome. We had cupcakes in celebration of Charlie and Steven’s birthdays supplied by myself and Nadine Lam Watt (@IsItJustMeDine ) What more could we have asked for; nothing it was a great start to the incentives being fulfilled. If you haven’t contributed to ThunderRoad it’s not too late, the movie is being made, and the boys have some great incentives left. No one throws a party like the boys of Astoria! Help support them and our veterans.

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