Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Room 147" - 06.16 Castle

This episode gives us something the Castle fandom has never experienced: a theory-less Rick Castle. In my opinion, "Room 147" was a fantastic first episode from writer, Adam Frost. Between the case and the character interaction and development, he really proves that he deserved the promotion in the writer's room!

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Faced with three similar, seemingly identical confessions to the same murder, Castle and Beckett must sift through what is different about each one to find the actual truth. 

This case lives up to Castle and Beckett's love of the 'weird ones' from brain washing, memory wiping, and memory implanting, all the hands of a charismatic cult leader. We eventually find out that none of the confessors or Dr. Bower were at the helm for this week's murder. However, Dr. Bower is still guilty by association. Mr. Marquette was presumed guilty for his involvement in a promotional video for EHI. He eventually fell victim to Pam, a producer that worked with Mr. Marquette's off, off, off, off, Broadway production, as she sought vengeance for her brother's untimely death.  

The highlight of the episode in my opinion comes straight from the halls of the "What we want to see" list on tumblr! We've been waiting so long for an exposition scene between Alexis and Beckett. We got a glimpse of one in "Like Father, Like Daughter" but actually seeing the two have these moments of acceptance and how to fit back into each other's lives make my fangirl heart so happy! 

With the blessing from Beckett, that her penance had truly been paid, we end the episode with Alexis humbly asking her dad if she can come back home. 

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As warm and fluffy as this episode ended, there is literally no way for me to prepare for Beckett's solo undercover work in "The Belly of the Beast". The tweets alone about this episode have me dreading and anticipating 06.17 all at the same time! 

Have a great week Castle fans! I'd love to hear your thoughts about this and other episodes! ~CamiFaith

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