Tuesday, February 25, 2014

7 People Who Loved Frozen So Much They Made the Costumes

It’s no secret that Disney’s Frozen is a hit: In the months since its initial November release, the princess flick has earned nearly $100 million worldwide — not to mention a whole lot of priceless goodwill in the hearts of its legions of fans. Some of those fans were so devoted that they even made costumes to show how much they care: Here, some of Frozen‘s most dedicated fans and cosplayers share what drew them to the story of Nordic royals Elsa and Anna. From songs you can hum to characters you can relate to, and from sibling bonds to sparkly gowns, it turns out that there are plenty of reasons to get infatuated with Frozen.

Joseph C. Lin / TIME
Destiny Nickelsen, 24, Boston, MA
"I like Frozen so much because I think I identify with Elsa kind of pushing people away out of fear of hurting them."

Joseph C. Lin / TIME
Tiffany Tezna, 29, Leesburg, VA
"Frozen is just such an enchanting tale in both music and story, and the fact that it has not one but two main characters, each with their own opposite personality it's easy to find one you can relate to."

Joseph C. Lin / TIME
Cassandra May, 24, Leesburg, VA
"I love Frozen because of how it captures the entire feeling of Disney with it’s beautiful songs, strong character dynamic, and rich backgrounds and character designs. I especially love Anna for her spunk and her unconditional love for her sister."

Joseph C. Lin / TIME

Ashley Dessi, 25, Washington D.C.
“The reason why I like Frozen is because you see a dynamic between an extroverted sister and an introverted sister and neither one of them is ‘a better sister.’ At the end of the movie they become better versions of themselves and I think that’s a very good message. Also, Elsa’s extremely relatable for me in that her flaws are what make her so endearing.”

Joseph C. Lin / TIME

Caitlin Beards, 28, Randolph, NJ
“Frozen was the first Disney film that really spoke to me character-wise in years. I found a very common ground with Elsa since she suffers from the same anxiety issues as I do and it almost feels refreshing to see a princess (or in her case a Queen) not be a flawless character.”

Joseph C. Lin / TIME

Cindy Romero, 23, Silver Spring, MD
“I like Anna because she’s kind of like me. I’m like awkward and I’m like really fun, while my sister’s the serious one.”

Joseph C. Lin / TIME

Karen Romero, 23, Silver Spring, MD
“I like Elsa because I am the older one and I like protecting my sister.”

Cindy & Karen Romero, 23, Silver Spring, MD
"We think the bond the sisters had in the movie was very touching to us because we have a very strong bond. If we were in a similar situation as Anna and Elsa, we would do the same thing to protect one another and because we love each other too."

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