Tuesday, February 18, 2014

'Smells Like Teen Spirit" - 06.15 Castle

It has been highly accepted headcanon that this season comes straight from the pages of fanfiction.net. Much to the delight of the happy fan, tonight's episode is only further proof.

As the episode opens to the beauty that is domestic Caskett, we get another glimpse into the chaos that is wedding planning; this time the choice between a band and a D.J. (I side with Kate!) Along with the discovery that our favorite duo doesn't have a song. (I know, I know, "You Talk Too Much").

The conversation gets brought to an abrupt end by this week's case. A seemingly "Carrie" style homicide baffles the team, as Castle tries to make them believe in the possibility of a telekinetic event, or several for that matter.

As we discover the details to the case we also get a rather humorous backstory to one, Richard 'Rodgers' and a look at the life of a non-conforming, rebel 'Kbex'. Both finally admitting to never attending the most iconic of high school events: The Prom

The case in itself is a look at the travesty that is high school: cliques, bullying to get ahead, and the concept that even then, money is power. Which all boil down to the motive and our killer. The most refreshing part of the case is seeing the Kate and Rick love story paralleled in Jordan and Lucas. 

And then the moment we were all waiting for, as the distant strains of a slow dance filter in from the gym, Castle extends his hand and asks Kate to be his date to the dance. (With those opening notes, MilMar and the Creaseys sure now how to kill a fandom.) 
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In a throw back from the ever emotional and pivotal point of "Always" Andrew Belle's, "In My Veins", has always been the fandom's song for Caskett. In the scene we see play out, Castle admits to not regretting anything along the way that has lead them to this moment. 

This episode played out like the most gorgeous love note from the creators and writers, to the fandom at large. It was the episode that was being filmed when the show won its third straight PCA for Best Crime Procedural.

Personal opinion: I am still fangirling over everything! From the episode, to Rick's speech, THE SONG, and the Creaseys trying to break Twitter! 
What were some of your favorite moments? I'd love to know!!

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