Friday, November 8, 2013


What a powerful episode of this week's Sons of Anarchy. I wanted to write about it sooner, but I had to digest it all. I think most viewers know that more than likely next season will be the last season in the series. For me this episode made a sharp turn in the series. It was all about the truth. There are so many twists and turns in each episode, lies and deceit to both hurt and protect the club. Watching Jax find out what Tara was doing, was painful to watch. I'll go into that further, but first I think what was most shocking was Gemma finally telling the truth about what happened to John Teller. The series began with Jax finding his fathers journal of his thoughts about what the club was supposed to be, what it became and his fears of his own life. As the series progressed we the fans found out the entire truth, but to finally hear Gemma admit it to Nero, to say it aloud was such a powerful moment. But will Gemma ever tell Jax, the one person who needs to know the full truth of what happened to his father. Now is the time for Gemma to make amends with her past, before Tara says it first. 
And poor Tara, rocking her baby, with a gun on her lap...not knowing whats in store for her now that Jax knows the truth. Tara by far has gone way over the edge this season. While I understand her fierce desire to get her boys out of Charming, away from that lifestyle, lying about a pregnancy and staging a fake miscarriage is crossing the line by extremes. Jax hasn't always made the right choices, but no one can deny the love he has for Tara. Where does he go from that truth, that anger, that hurt? 

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